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Quality: Dentistry based on university standards

Quality results when your dentist can unite profession (= vocation), passion and hobby and constantly develop this through:

  • High level of further training

  • The latest equipment

  • State-of-the-art methods (laser, digital treatment planning)

  • Biocompatible, metal-free materials based on holistic medical criteria

You benefit from the perfection and attention to detail of your dentist, who integrates an appreciation of nature and progress into his thoughts and actions.



DURABILITY - We strive for perfection


A dental craft (implant, esthetics, etc.) can usually serve you for one to several decades. Our years of experience bear witness to this.


This prevents your teeth from having to be constantly tinkered with. This is our contribution to maintaining your biological, holistic health.


People are happy to invest in such long-term quality.





PRACTICE INFORMATION - Fine, perfect, attentive


  • Your well-being is our goal

  • Your well-being is our success

  • Success is our daily motivation

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